Optional Features:
CSI Firewall Shield GPS SecureFTP SSL See-TCP/IP

Network Management & Monitoring

TCP/IP for VSETransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TCP/IP for VSE provides a complete solution for connecting the mainframe to today's Internet world.

  • Our TCP/IP stack provides a seamless interface with the Internet, allowing z/VSE mainframe applications to participate fully in the global business arena
  • Built-in tools make z/VSE functions and facilities immediately available to network-attached users
  • Optional and third-party products bring the full power and reliability of mainframe computing to the e-Commerce world
  • Standard stack features
    • Runs on VSE/SP 2.1 through the latest z/VSE versions
      • 1.5F/G is for running on z/VSE version 5 and below
      • 2.1.x is for running on z/VSE version 6.1
      • 2.2.x is for running on z/VSE version 6.2 and higher
    • Supports network connections via OSA, OSA-Express, CTCA, CLAW, and equivalent hardware
    • Extensive monitoring and tuning capabilities that can be extended to any level of granularity, including specific destination addresses
    • Customizable security features protect both network access and configuration information
    • Built-in connection management provides request queuing and automatic detection and clean-up of “lost” connections
    • A complete set of servers, including TN3270, FTP, and LPD
    • Client software such as FTP, LPR, Email, and Telnet
    • Additional support software, such as PDF creation
  • Additional optional features distributed with TCP/IP for VSE:
    • CSI Firewall Shield—Network Security
    • GPS—General Print Server
    • SecureFTP—SSL-enabled FTP server and client
    • SSL—Secure Sockets Layer
    • See-TCP/IP—Performance monitor for z/VSE and TCP/IP
  • Standard features of TCP/IP for VSE to consider implementing:
    • FTP—File Transfer Protocol
      • Easy, direct access to VSAM, BIM-EDIT, LIBR, POWER, ICCF, and other VSE resident files
      • VSAM KSDS files can be retrieved completely or by key range
      • FTPBATCH for quick, easy, efficient batch FTP transfers
      • Automatically send POWER files directly to end users
      • Convert text files to PDF format for easy viewing
      • Allow users on Windows to retrieve or store files directly on z/VSE
      • Securely transfer confidential files with the SecureFTP feature
    • Telnet TN3270 server
      • Allow users to log directly onto 3270 VTAM applications such as CICS
      • End users use a TN3270 PC client to directly access the z/VSE system
      • LPR client for printing directly to printers on remote hosts
      • Automatic printing of POWER LST queue entries to remote printers
      • Send your data as normal print text or as a PDF to an LPR server
    • Email
      • Batch client to email most z/VSE-resident files directly to remote users
      • PDF generation of text and embedded graphics is also available
    • Web
      • Provide static z/VSE data to the browser or write your own CGI (Web) programs
    • Easy configuration with standard z/VSE library members
    • Ping, Traceroute, Discover, and other powerful tools are part of the product so that a site can analyze its TCP/IP network from z/VSE
    • Advanced diagnostics for detailed problem analysis
    • User-defined security processing to limit access or functions to a remote user or group of users
    • Control message output, and if you have BIM-FAQS, inspect TCP/IP activities and automate z/VSE processing (for example, submit a job when an FTP has completed)
  • Create your own TCP/IP applications with the provided Application Programming Interfaces (APIs):
    • SOCKET MACRO interface for Assembler programs
    • BSD/C interface useable from C, Cobol, Assembler, or any other language that supports standard linkage
    • EZASOCKET calls by all languages are also supported for easier portability
    • High-Level Preprocessor Interface for Cobol, PL1, or Assembler
    • Cryptographic interfaces for using SSL/TLS with strong encryption algorithms like AES, Triple-DES, RSA, or SHA1, MD5, etc.
    • Socket interface for REXX programs
    • Many examples are available to speed up program development






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