Network Management & Monitoring

See-TCP/IP Performance Monitor for VSE & TCP/IP

See-TCP/IP allows you to analyze the activity and performance of your z/VSE and TCP/IP systems from an easy-to-use PC graphical user interface.

  • See-TCP/IP answers questions like
    • What is the current CPU usage of my z/VSE system?
    • What was CPU usage yesterday at 3:00 pm?
    • What was the CPU trend for the last two months?
    • Which partitions are using the most resources?
  • See-TCP/IP collects
    • VSE Turbo Dispatcher Statistics
      • CPU waiting-for-work time
      • CPU non-parallel busy time
      • CPU parallel busy time
      • CPU overhead from other LPARs or VM
    • VSE System Statistics
      • Start subchannel requests
      • I/O interrupts
      • Phase loads
      • SVC usage
      • Program checks
      • External interrupts
    • VSE Partition Statistics
      • Jobname, stepname
      • Start I/O counts
      • CPU usage
    • TCP/IP Statistics
    • Graphical display of overall IP activity
      • Detailed information on active connections
        • IP address
        • Local and foreign ports
        • Bytes sent and received
        • Retransmits
        • SWS silly window
        • Current and maximum window sizes
      • Historical Reporting
        • Stored in SQL database
        • With graphical display
        • Provides trend analysis
    • See-TCP/IP can be used to
      • Graph overall IP datagram activity real-time
      • Show IP datagram activity by Telnet, FTP, HTTP, and any other local IP applications running on z/VSE
      • Identify which foreign IP addresses are connected to z/VSE


System Requirements

  • CSI’s TCP/IP for VSE (does not run on other TCP/IP stacks)
  • PC running Windows 2000 or above on a network that can access the z/VSE system
  • See-TCP/IP is an optional product that is included with your TCP/IP for VSE distribution—simply obtain a product key code for activation
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