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RAADReport Distribution Manager

RAAD (Report Archive and Distribution) is a comprehensive report distribution and control system that allows you to manage and control your spooling environment.

  • Access spooled reports from
    • The POWER Reader (RDR), Punch (PUN), List (LST), or Transmit (XMT) queues
    • The VM reader (VMR), Punch (VMP), and List (VML) queues
    • An existing CSI-ARCHIVE dataset (ARC)
  • Store reports in a DASD-efficient manner, compressed to conserve disk space
  • Retain reports on the Archive Dataset according to user-defined criteria. Any combination of the following can be used:
    • Number of days
    • Number of generations
    • Specific retain-to date
  • Select reports based on several fields maintained by operating system spoolers. Some of these are
    • Job name
    • Class
    • Disposition
    • Priority
    • Remote ID
  • View reports online or print to any system-attached printer
  • Submit batch jobs for file backups or other purposes with an online spooling facility
  • Archive reports automatically, using the POWER External Device Writer support. This requires a minimum of a JCL and/or procedural change for your installation.
  • Prevent or allow access to spooler queues by report details such as job name, class, origin, and destination
  • Periodically scan your spooler queues. As reports are encountered during the scan, they can be archived, printed to any system-attached printer, or used as a trigger to cause JCL to be submitted to the POWER RDR queue.
  • View the output of executing z/VSE jobs while they are being generated
  • Reformat reports by column when reports are viewed and/or printed. This feature can prevent unauthorized users from having access to privileged data.
  • Archive POWER LST queue output from any program
  • View reports in character or hexadecimal format
  • Provide access to reports and to RAAD functions for individual users with RAAD User Profiles
  • Report viewing for all 3270 models
  • Manage spooler queues from an easy-to-use 3270 application
  • RAAD supports all printers attached to CICS, and TCP/IP printers (LPD) if you are running CSI’s TCP/IP for VSE





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