Online Management

ODISCICS Display & Tracking System

ODIS displays a wealth of information about the current status of your CICS system, and also displays z/VSE, VTAM, and VSE DL/I status information. Both detail and summary displays are provided, as well as analytic displays used for problem determination.

  • Displays problems that exist or have occurred in the running CICS system, including such conditions as storage violations, short-on-storage, and tasks waiting for VSAM strings or buffers. This function can be run unattended, reporting exceptional conditions as they occur to the system console or a terminal.
  • The following specific CICS and operating system tables and control blocks are formatted online by ODIS:
    • CICS
      • Automatic Initiate Descriptor (AID)
      • Common System Area (CSA)
      • Destination Control Table (DCT)
      • Queued resources
      • File Control Table (FCT)
      • Interval Control Elements (ICE)
      • Page Allocation Map (PAM)
      • Processing Program Table (PPT)
      • Program Control Table (PCT)
      • Terminal Control Table (TCT)
      • Temporary storage
    • z/VSE
      • Channel queue
      • Communication regions
      • Logical Unit Block (LUB)
      • Information Block (PIB)
      • Physical Unit Block (PUB)
      • Storage Management Control Block (SMCB)
      • System communication region
      • VTAM Buffer Pool Storage
      • DL/I online control blocks
      • Task Status—active
  • Provides a hexadecimal and character format memory display facility by address or by name of storage area. In addition to the tables and control blocks listed above, more than 20 areas can be requested by name.
  • Includes a 100+ page manual containing usage information, description of the tables and fields accessed, and useful information about CICS and operating system operation in general.




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