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EntréeTransaction Web Server

Entrée is a Web-enabled transaction server.

  • Run existing online applications independently from CICS
    • Existing programs run under Entrée without changes or recompilation. Instead of sending the output to a 3270 terminal, you can view it on a Web browser.
    • CICS transaction, program, and file definitions can easily be imported into Entrée from the CICS CSD file. VSAM file access can be handled by Entrée or routed to CICS to process.
  • Quickly transform legacy 3270 screens into modern Web pages
    • Entrée’s out-of-the-box solution automatically converts 3270 screens to Web pages. The presentation can be customized with company logos, backgrounds, and colors.
    • Using the Entrée JumpStart utility, you can create custom HTML pages for the 3270 screens. This allows moving data fields and adding text, drop-down boxes, and links to give your application a new modern look.
  • Expand application reach to a wider audience, improve productivity, and enhance the end-user experience
    • Because the 3270 screen is viewed on a Web browser, 3270 telnet client software is not required to access your 3270 applications. This makes it easier for your users to access the applications.
    • The improved Web browser presentation makes your applications more intuitive and easier to use, and improves the productivity of your users
  • Control user access with internal security or an external security manager
    • Entrée provides its own security whereby you can define users and control their access to transactions, programs, files, TCP/IP ports, and hosts
    • These resources could also be controlled through a RACROUTE interface using an external security manager (ESM) or the basic security manager (BSM)
  • Sensitive data is protected through secure connections and encryption
    • Entrée supports secure connections through HTTPS and SSL. This ensures that your data is not tampered with and reassures your users that they are dealing with a secure site.
    • Basic user authentication and a more secure digest user authentication are available and easily configured through Entrée
  • Entrée runs in a partition and does not require CICS resources or impact CICS response time
    • Entrée can be configured as a standalone solution or as a complement to CICS. When running standalone, it does not impact CICS or the applications running there.
    • Entrée provides the flexibility to route VSAM file requests to CICS to process, instead of using a costly VSAM SHAREOPTIONS(4). You can also route all or selected transactions to run in CICS — Entrée reformats the output and sends it to a Web browser.
  • HFS (Hierarchical File System) support allows you to create and maintain Web pages directly from your workstation
    • Included with Entrée is a limited version of CSI’s HFS product. This allows you to store your Web pages in a PC-like file system on z/VSE. Long file names and multiple directory levels are supported.
    • If you want to use a Web development tool like Dreamweaver®, created files and directories can be directly FTPed to an HFS file and served by Entrée. File names do not have to be shortened and directories flattened as they would in a z/VSE library.
  • Entrée transactions can use CICS Web Services and other CICS APIs to construct and serve Web pages
    • In addition to putting a new face on your old 3270 transactions, Entrée can be used to write new Web applications using the CICS Web Service commands and functions
    • Entrée’s implementation is much faster and uses significantly fewer resources than CICS, and almost all of the EXEC CICS commands are supported by Entrée
  • Log and create reports on an extensive range of usage statistics
    • Entrée can log page access information to help you determine how your Website is being accessed
    • A utility is provided to create the reports from z/VSE; or because Entrée uses the Apache log format, PC tools can be used to summarize the data and to create graphs and reports
  • Easy online configuration
    • Entrée configuration is all done through a Web browser and you can be up and operating in a matter of minutes. No macros or other tedious configuration is required.
    • To further ease configuration, CICS program, transaction, and file definitions can be directly imported into Entrée





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