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Dr. DBackup & Restore System

Dr. D is a flexible disk utility system providing the fastest backup and restore functions currently available.

  • Especially useful and fast for a wide range of SAVE, RESTORE, and COPY functions
    • SAVE any volume, logical disk file, or library to tape or disk file
    • RESTORE any volume, logical disk file, or library from tape (or disk file) to disk
    • COPY any volume, logical disk file, or library from disk to disk
  • SAVES, RESTORES, or COPIES the entire or just active portions of a disk, entire logical disk files, and all z/VSE libraries
  • Helpful in the following situations:
    • Disaster recovery backup with standalone/VM restore
    • Disk compacting
    • Library backup and reorganization
    • Conversion of files and libraries to different disk types
    • VSAM file reorganization
    • Test file creation
    • VSAM listcat, file definition, file delete, and verify
    • Tape copy and tape test
    • Disk manager pool reorganization/defragmentation
    • Disk manager pool backup/restore
    • Individual and pool list VTOC
  • Manipulates the three entities most needed from a disk utility—disk volumes, data files, and libraries
  • Offers several features for handling a variety of other tasks, including
    • Clear disk—all or a portion
    • Create a format-1 label
    • SAVE, RESTORE, or COPY a physical extent
  • Compatible with all releases of VSE, and supports any disk or tape device supported by those operating systems







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