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BIM-EDIT Source Program Editor

Platform: z/VSE

BIM-EDIT replaces IBM's ICCF program editor system, providing a much easier-to-use editor, tighter source control, a more flexible and straightforward security system, significantly better performance, more flexible operations, and a more powerful, yet simpler-to-use procedure processor.

  • BIM-EDIT's library security system is straightforward, offering six access levels and any number of user/library security relationships
  • Consumes significantly fewer CPU cycles than ICCF with a lower virtual storage requirement
  • Allows any number of libraries to be defined and any number of members in a library, without loss of efficiency
  • When you are logged on through CICS, BIM-EDIT allows you to START, XCTL, or LINK to other CICS programs, and you can log off anytime, even when you're editing a member
  • Supports 3270 CRT models two, three, four, and five, and permits lines up to 253 characters long (ICCF lines are always 80 characters long)
  • BIM-EDIT also offers a full-function e-mail system, allowing either full documents or single-line messages to be sent from one user to another
  • BIM-EDIT provides source control with multiple facilities, including
    • Check-in/check-out control
    • Member auditing
    • Member stamping
    • Purge control
  • Edits a work copy of a member, never the permanent copy. The work copy becomes a permanent copy only when the SAVE command is issued. If an inadvertent error is made, the command END NOSAVE ends the edit session without affecting the permanent copy.
  • Provides a useful function list feature and easy-to-use LP sessions while maintaining all groups and sessions on a circular chain
  • Features a split-screen facility so that two different session types can be displayed on the screen
  • Always stores text in a compressed format, and always compresses outbound screen data to the maximum possible extent
  • ICCF distinguishes between procedures and macros, each with its own set of rules and constraints—BIM-EDIT makes no such distinction, a simplification in itself
  • BIM-EDIT can be accessed through
    • One or multiple CICSs
    • VTAM directly
    • A batch utility job stream
    • The system console
    • A TCP/IP FTP interface
    • A BIM-FAQS product
    • A user-written program calling BIM-EDIT interface routines
  • Provides fast, automatic recovery after computer or other failure, and allows round-the-clock update access to its library, even while it is being backed up

Conversion Info:

  • BIM-EDIT Replaces:
    • Endeavor Change Manager Interface for CA-Librarian VSE
    • CA-Librarian for VSE
    • CA-Panvalet for VSE
    • CA-Panvalet ICCF Option
    • ICCF
    • CA-Vollie
    • CONDOR
    • QUOTA

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