Security Management

BIM-Alert/VSE VSE External Resource Security Manager

BIM-ALERT/VSE is a comprehensive, menu-driven, batch security product used to control user access to datasets, programs, libraries, sublibraries, JCL keywords, ICCF pseudo partitions, and other resources without changes to JCL.

  • Control access to z/VSE datasets including VSAM, non-VSAM, and tape datasets with complete read, update, and delete/define protection
  • Control access to all z/VSE libraries at the library, sublibrary, and library member levels with complete execute, read, update, and delete/define protection
  • Control the DITTO utility down to the individual command level
  • BIM-ALERT/VSE facilities include
    • A complete monitor mode and test facility
    • Security for job submittal from BIM-EDIT, CMS, ICCF, and other online systems
    • Interface with many other vendor products, and other CSI products
    • Auditing and violation log file reporting and archival utilities
  • Advantages of using BIM-ALERT/VSE include
    • Low overhead, with no penalties for operation
    • Comprehensive z/VSE resource security
    • Security system auditability
    • Ease of use
  • BIM-ALERT/VSE is unsurpassed in operating efficiency and ease of use for non-technical auditors, security administrators, and other personnel. To define security, simply fill in the blanks on BIM-ALERT/VSE's interactive screens.
  • BIM-ALERT/VSE supports VSE/ESA 2.4 and above, and z/VSE releases 3.1 - 6.2





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BIM-Alert/VSE 5.1D