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JCL Analyzer

JCL Analyzer is a fast, easy-to-use cross-reference utility that produces nine reports displaying job, JCLLIB, include, procedure, file, and program relationships.

  • JCL Analyzer produces the following:
    • A Job Report showing every selected procedure, program, include, and file referenced in each job selected for inclusion in the report
    • A Procedure Report showing every selected job in the cross-reference run including each program, include, and file referenced within each procedure
    • A File Report showing every selected job, procedure, include, and program that uses each file identified in the cross-reference run
    • A Program Report showing every selected job, procedure, and include referencing each selected program and each selected file used by each selected program included in the run
    • A Procedure List which is an abbreviated Procedure Report omitting the file information
    • A Program List which is an abbreviated Program Report omitting the file information
    • A JCLLIB Report showing job usage, search order, and source library name
    • An Include Report showing job, procedure, and include usage, level number, and source library names
    • A DCB Report showing all references to RECFM, LRECL, and BLKSIZE
    • A file containing a list of all program names encountered in the JCL
    • A database of all cross-reference information, which can be used for data searches and to produce custom reports
  • In addition to the nine reports produced by JCL Analyzer, you can use the DASD output produced by JCL Analyzer to produce formatted documentation of your own design and specifications.
  • JCL Analyzer provides a quick way of identifying every JCLLIB, include, procedure, program, and dataset used in all or any of your jobs, or all procedures and programs that use each of your files.
  • JCL Analyzer provides an excellent way to install data dictionary control over jobs, procedures, programs, and datasets and gives you an easy way to uniformly and accurately document production jobstreams.
  • With full job, procedure, program, dataset, and selectivity features, JCL Analyzer can be used as a powerful problem definition and search utility.

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JCL Analyzer 4.2B